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1. We are  loan experts with twenty five years of  bank experience in home and commercial lending.

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In current scenerio, where banks change their  lending policies every other day, raising a home loan, business loan or commercial property loan and getting a good deal is a complictaed exercise.  That is why you need services of an experienced financial adviser who has up to date knowledge of lending industry, understands lending criteria in depth and can arrange best offer for you while you relax at home.
Our experts at Cherry Mortgage Solutions with wealth of knowledge and extensive experience (20 years as Bank Manager in New Zealand, U.K/overseas) take stress and confusion out of your loan hunting exercise and make it a simple and easy process. We fully understand, every borrower has a unique situation and work accordingly.

With our strong relationship with lenders we can arrange home or residential investment property loans even upto 90%. We also arrange business loans and commercial property loans at most competitive terms and interest rates.

We take special care of first home buyers, and guide them at every step of home buying process. Our solutions for your mortgage or Business Loans are designed around your unique situation and needs. We also examine for free, your current loan structure and if needed restructure it which can make you pay your loan faster and save many thousand dollars.

Cherry Mortgage are one stop solution for both your loan and insurance needs. We cover all your risks by suitable insurance covers like, life cover, trauma cover, income protection, mortgage protection and medical cover from a range of prominent insurance companies at most competitive prices and take over all hassles of related paperwork.

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October 30, 2014

OCR unchanged at 3.5 percent

 The Reserve Bank today left the Official Cash Rate unchanged at 3.5 percent.

 The global economy is growing at a moderate rate although recent data suggests some softening in the major economies, apart from the United States.  Monetary policy is expected to remain supportive for longer in all the major economies.


Growth in the New Zealand economy has been faster than trend over 2014, reducing unemployment and adding to demands on productive capacity.  Strong construction sector activity, high net immigration, and interest rates, which remain low by historic standards, continue to support the expansion.  Output growth is expected to moderate over coming years, towards a more sustainable rate.

 Lower commodity prices and increased global financial market volatility have taken some pressure off the New Zealand dollar.  However, its current level remains unjustified and unsustainable and continues to constrain growth in the tradables sector.  We expect a further significant depreciation.

 CPI inflation remains modest, and was 1 percent in the year to September.  Contributing factors are subdued wage inflation, well-anchored inflation expectations, weak global inflation, falls in oil prices, and the high New Zealand dollar.  House price inflation has fallen significantly since late-2013, in part due to interest rate increases and the LVR restrictions.

 The economy appears to be adjusting to the policy measures undertaken by the Bank over the past year.  CPI inflation is currently at a low level despite above-trend growth.  However, inflation is expected to increase as the expansion continues.  A period of assessment remains appropriate before considering further policy adjustment.


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